I finally finished the t-shirt shaped card with texture paste to look like tie-dye and I think it came out kind of cute.  Of course it’s not a sophisticated card you’d give someone my age (not saying I’m sophisticated, let’s clarify that), but it will be great for a teenager or younger child or the kid in all of us that just never left the 70’s.

I wanted to make another St. Patrick’s Day card, but just haven’t been able to finish one that I absolutely love.  I have the inside done, but the outside just needs something else to finish it off.  I’m just not sure what that would be.  I think I should have thought my plan through more than I did.  I ran strips of shamrock ribbon across the front of the card and intended to put a larger shamrock on top of it, but my shamrock looks a little pathetic and I can’t decide what would make it look better.  I guess this one might not make it to the finish line, or I might just not do a video with it.  Sometimes a card is nice enough for friends and family, but not for a video and this could be one of those.  I try to make sure every card ends up on YouTube as I don’t want anyone to think I gave them a card I wasn’t happy with, so I normally spend a long long time trying to make it acceptable, and often, too much time.  Sometimes I think I should have just given up and thrown it in the trash.  Of course my trash is full of the ones that I just can’t fix.

My cousin, who I’ve talked about, is new to card making.  Yesterday she sent me an email with a photo of all of her card fails.  She thinks she’s the only one with a fail pile and I had to make sure she understood that I make so many scary cards that I just keep plugging away at until I like them, or trash them.  Sometimes I feel the greatest relief when one goes in the garbage can because then I can go on to something else and completely forget about the mess I just made.  I think that happens to all crafters.  Maybe not.


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