Some days are for crafting and some are for cleaning the craft room.  Today was a cleaning day.  Ok, so yesterday was as well, but at the end of the day, Rich said he thought  I was cleaning my craft room but wondered why it didn’t look any different, so obviously the work I did didn’t change the appearance very much, darn it.  I organized drawers, cleaned the top of my work area so you can actually see the counter, and cleaned out that big spinning table top holder that everyone has.  You know the one that is supposed to hold all of your tools, but really just gets packed with junk and then you can’t find any of those things that you bought it to hold?

I’m making a care package for my cousin whose new to crafting.  I was going through sequins and paper and embellishments and dividing them in half as I know I’ll never use all of the things I have and if I share them, I’ll feel a lot better about buying them to begin with.  I’m so glad someone crafty nearby, to be able to spread the goodies around and having her be my cousin makes it all the more exciting.

That probably sounded odd, but I have a very very small family.  Only one sister, no aunts or uncles alive, both parents have passed.  My sister lives in North Carolina, so I might see her once a year if I’m lucky.   I have three cousins and the oldest is a lot older than I am, so we were never close.  When I started my channel, her daughter, who is much closer to my age, found the channel and started commenting.  Through the YouTube channel, I’ve found family and it really makes me happy.  It’s something that when you don’t have much, you feel like you’ve lost that connection to the past.  Our grandmother and stories about when we were kids and spending time with grandma.  We’ve had one girls’ afternoon out and had such a great time, it was like we’ve been talking all of our lives.  So I’m grateful to the YouTube channel for not only sending me so many wonderful viewers who have become great friends, but also helping me reconnect with family.  It’s been a terrific experience for me.



5 thoughts on “3/7/2017

  1. I am so grateful also! Without your YouTube channel, we may have seen each other every few years, if even that. The opportunity to try crafting has come at a time in my life when I really need it. Thank you so much for encouraging me and for keeping crafting (and its challenges) in perspective for me. I can’t wait to get together again.


  2. It’s really meant a lot to me to find you as I virtually have no family but Rich (within 400 miles). Finding that it was so easy spending time together was so great for me and having someone to share crafty things with is even better. My cleaning of the craft room came at a great time as I found so many things that I could share. And it’s even better because then all you find are the fillers. I’m ready to play whenever you have time off. Sandy


  3. Great! Our office manager goes on vacation March 20th for a week and we are losing our receptionist to another job starting on that same day, so I’m thinking April will be a great day to take a half day, get off at 11:30, and drive down. Do Fridays work for you? Maybe 7th or 21st?


  4. Ok, I’ll look into getting a half day off, either Friday April 7th or Friday April 21st, and I’ll let you know. Can’t wait. Christmas in April!


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