I cleaned more of my craft room and I think I’m almost done.  I got to the point today that I didn’t think I could clean one more thing.  Something great did happen though.  I found one of my memory cards that had disappeared along the way, with videos on it that hadn’t been aired.  That made my day!

I also have been talking with Carol Held about doing a collaboration video of a Jennifer McGuire technique where you stamp one card, don’t re-ink, and then stamp another card.  So one card is the inked image and then other is a shadow of the first.  Jennifer called the technique second generation stamp layering, and Carol and I thought it would work for our purposes.  We have been wanting to do a collaboration, and especially something for our hearing impaired viewers.  I always write out the step by step instructions on every video below in the comments.  Carol knows how to do sign language, so she’s going to sign her video and I’m going to write my instructions below my videos as always.   Carol says she thinks I’m the only crafter on YouTube that writes out the instructions to each video, but my channel is geared for people with physical limitations, and I thought it was important, so have always done it.  We’re really excited by our collaboration and hope our hearing impaired viewers will appreciate all that Carol (especially) is trying to do by signing her video.  I think it will be an amazing collaboration and hope others will as well.

I finished my video tonight but am not sure how soon Carol will get hers finished as she has more on her plate than I have.  I’m excited by the opportunity to try out something new.  I didn’t find the technique particularly bright, but that’s probably because of the colors I chose.  I think if I had chosen more bold colors, my second generation stamped card would be a lot more vivid.  I did add colored pencil to ensure that you could really see the second image.

I started another project and that is making foam stamps from scratch.  I thought it would be fun to show people how easy it is to make and use your own stamps from virtually anything.  Cardboard and kids fun foam shapes are working for me.  I can’t wait to share this technique as I think a lot of people with children will enjoy stamping with them, especially now that they have kid friendly inks available almost everywhere.

Ok, so I’m willing to discuss my Stamp Perfect and the questions I’ve had for the people who manufactured it.  My Stamp Perfect’s door doesn’t close all the way if the foam is inside.  I contacted the company and sent them photos, but they can’t see the gap.  They did offer for me to mail it back to them, but I think at this point I don’t want to spend more money on shipping than I spent for the Stamp Perfect.  I’m going to make the video and show the door and the gap and make sure people know about their customer service, which I think is kind of poor.  I was very honest about why I wanted to make sure the product worked well, as I have so many viewers who would benefit from owning one.  But with their commitment to customer service, I have to say, I’m scared to recommend the product.  I do like using it, but when I try to stamp close to the door opening, I can’t get a good impression as my door doesn’t close all the way.  So I’m making the video and  I wonder if the company representative will  think it’s a gap once she sees my video.  I guess customer service is not Job #1 with Hampton Arts.


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