These days that we “spring ahead” really mess with my head.  I can’t even remember what I did today and that’s only a one hour shift in time.  I did make a video using the Stamp Perfect, well, not using it, but setting it up and showing people how to make the most of the tool for the least amount of money.

Did I mention the Hampton Arts representative sent me a second email telling me she was going to replace my Stamp Perfect?  I’m not sure why she changed her mind, but I’m glad she did, because it was the difference between me giving a review that urged people to consider buying a Stamp Perfect and telling them that the company does not stand behind their products.  I always feel like a purchase of any size should have the backing of the company that makes it.  If they aren’t willing to stand behind their product, then I think you should really listen to the negatives that you hear about that product.  I normally wouldn’t have gone to the effort I have for this product, but so many of my viewers need a product like this so that they can continue, or start stamping.  I really was hoping that Hampton Arts would stand behind it, which they have.  It makes me really glad to recommend their Stamp Perfect.  It’s a great product at a really terrific price.  I did mention in the video that I don’t think people should pay more than $15 for it, though, because that is the $25 price less a 40% off coupon.  Michaels and Joanns are both selling the Stamp Perfect and both have that offer in place.

I also showed ways to keep the Stamp Perfect in pristine condition and how to make a grid sheet that will allow the user to level every sentiment easily.  I’ve always found it a little bit difficult to make sure my sentiments are level in the MISTI.  I’ve taken all of the guesswork out of it with the Stamp Perfect.  I hope people will enjoy the video.  I think it helps them understand the product as well as see additional tips on cleaning and maintaining it.


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