I had great plans for today, but got distracted along the way.  It was one of those days.  By that, I mean it just didn’t go the way I had planned.  Rich had to have an injection in his lower back and then I had a small mishap, and the day was shot.  I made Rich swear he wouldn’t tell anyone this story, but in retrospect, it is kind of funny, so I’m telling it anyway.  He had his shot and everything went well, we came home and I decided to fold some laundry.  I swear my laundry room is going to be the death of me.  I’m not sure if I even was writing the blog in November of 2015, when I bent over the drier and my artificial hip (that was from 1992), popped out of the joint.  I didn’t fall, I just bent over, pop, out it came.  I had the hip re-replaced in January of 2016, and it works like a champ.  So today I was folding a towel, and I somehow lost my balance and ended up falling in slow motion (really, it felt like that) into the laundry basket face first.  So I have a big mark on my face that I think will turn into a bruise and, because I fell so slowly, had time to protect the artificial joints that could have been ruined by the fall.  I scuffed my knee and will probably have a lot of bruises tomorrow, but all in all, I feel ok.  Our niece is having her baby shower on Sunday, so I’ll probably look like Rich punched me in the face by then, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.  As I was laying half in and half out of the basket, I was trying to think of a way to get Rich to come get me without scaring him half to death.  I said something like “Rich, I need help with something.”  He said he could tell from the tone of my voice that something was really wrong, but I was trying to make him believe everything was ok, but he knew it wasn’t.  I could tell from the way he jumped out of his chair that he already knew that I was in trouble.  I feel so foolish when things like that happen and I guess people fall all the time and think nothing of it.  When it happens to me, I think of all the things I should have done to prevent it.  Rich’s solution is that I’m never allowed to do laundry again.  Of course he said that when my hip popped out and I was back doing laundry the next week.  I’d like to say I won’t have any lasting reminders, but when I get a bruise, it normally lasts about a month because of the medicines I take, so obviously my face is going to tell the tale for at least a couple of weeks.  Years ago, when Noel, the dog in the photos I use for this blog, was a puppy, we were playing ball.  I leaned over to pick up the ball and she was sitting on the bed.  As soon as I picked up the ball, she quickly lifted her head and collided with my cheek bone.  It hurt so bad and I knew it was bad when Rich took my hand away and said, “we better put some ice on that.”  I had a black eye for a month.  I was with girlfriends at our local county fair and an older woman pulled me aside and said I should consider counseling, because no woman should put up with that kind of abuse.  I had no idea what to say to her, and tried explaining the puppy story, but she wasn’t buying it.  So if a true story about a puppy doesn’t work, how’s it going to sound when I go to this baby shower and tell the ladies I fell into a laundry basket?  Geez!  Poor Rich, can’t catch a break.  He was so great all day, when I should have been the one taking care of him, instead he was putting ice packs on my face and my knee and trying to give me treats to make me feel better.  All in all, it wasn’t the best day, at least my joints were protected and I don’t have to worry about having to have anything surgically repaired, well nothing but my pride.


2 thoughts on “3/14/2017

  1. He is a knight in shining armor and is always so great when I do really stupid things like this. I swear that my dad is the one that slows down my falls so I don’t get seriously injured. I know it sounds weird, but any time I slip or fall, the first thing that comes to mind is my dad making sure I’m ok. So I have two knights in shining armor making sure I’m ok. It’s sweet that you found my story romantic.


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