I had a great afternoon talking to my friend Carol Held and one of my subscribers, Sherri Clarke as they were creating a card together.  I had been talking to Sherri about her broken big toe and wanted to send her a get well card a few weeks ago.  When she told me her address, I asked her if she had ever watched Carol’s videos and she said she hadn’t.  I told her I thought Carol had to live very close to Sherri in Canada and she discovered they live ten minutes away from each other.  So one day a couple of weeks ago, Sherri was shopping at her local Michael’s, and heard a woman calling out to “Carol.”  Sherri had just been watching Carol’s videos, and recognized Carol’s voice from her videos as she responded to her name.  Sherri said she didn’t want to be a YouTube stalker, so she didn’t track down the voice to ask her if she was Carol Held from YouTube.  Sherri sent Carol an email asking if she had been in Michael’s and Carol said “yes” and they made a play date.  They spent a day shopping for crafty things last week and today, put them to great use.  It was so much fun listening to them together and knowing that two new crafty friends had found each other through YouTube.

I’m sure they will be making a lot of great and interesting projects together and I look forward to the video they made of their hauls and cards they made today.


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