I spent the day on the telephone and in stores about an hour from my house, looking for any Stamp Perfects that were left in stores.  My hopes weren’t very high, as I hadn’t found them in some of the stores, but saw someone say that their Hobby Lobby had them and I had never tried there.  I really wanted to buy three or four to give as gifts when I hit certain levels of subscribers, but I didn’t find any.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  I did talk to one lady at Joann’s that said they had received the recall notice and were to send all of theirs back, so none of the Joann’s should have them.  When I got home, I got an email from a good friend named Elin.  She asked if I had seen this, and, of course, I hadn’t.

I was surprised, shocked, amazed, and just about every other emotion you can imagine.  I already had 80 new subscribers by the time I got home today.  It’s amazing, the power that Jennifer McGuire wields in the crafting community.  I’m thrilled especially, because Jennifer has so many disabled crafters on her site, and the fact that they now know my channel exists is thrilling.  When I read the comments below Jennifer’s statement, so many of them were people who had physical limitations and didn’t know my channel existed, so thank you Jennifer McGuire, for doing the one thing I’ve struggled with being able to do.  Get the word out about my channel.  Today was a very very good day.


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