I saw a video from 2010 of a lady making a card that was also a box.  I thought it was really unique and it made me think about all of the ways I could use it.  I thought about putting tea bags inside, or decorated paper clips or a bookmark.  In the end, I made one and it was really simple, but my decorations took forever and I probably could have made it a lot easier, but you know me..;  I had to find the most difficult options and then change my mind a couple of times before I was finished.  I started out with paper decorated with tea cups on it and thought, how cute.  But then I couldn’t find a sentiment that worked with it and did find one that I thought one of my college friends would like, totally unrelated to the tea cup paper, but by then, I was committed to the tea cups.  The decorations were vegetables.  You might ask yourself, “What do vegetables have to do with tea cups?  Nothing.  That was kind of my problem.  In the end, I think I made them work together, but it might be a stretch.  I do like the box card idea though, and will definitely be giving it another try.

Poor Aggie is still struggling with peeing on the floor.  I’m not sure what the vet thought we accomplished, because she didn’t give us anything to help Aggie with her bladder.  Since the vet couldn’t find a UTI, but did find red blood cells, she thought it was kidney stones.  She x-rayed Aggie and didn’t find anything, so we went home with a big bunch of nothing to help her with it.  I feel so bad for Aggie.  I don’t think a fifteen year old dog should have to be in pain for no good reason and wish the vet would come up with plan B.


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