I’ve been wanting to try a technique with my peg stamps where I glued a foam circle to the bottom of them and then dip them into white pigment inks to make a circle backing for flowers.  I tried it by itself and didn’t love it.  Then I thought I might like it with embossing powder to make the circles more white.  I hated the texture I got from using embossing powder on kraft card stock.  I’m not sure why the embossing powder bubbled so much, so I re-inked it and tried again.  Still looked bubbled, so as in all things that make me frustrated, I gave up.

I really wanted to make something with a branch and some flowers, so gave that a try.  Then for added color, I added a white gel pen and other gel pens and then decided, why not use some Glossy Accents?  We’re at the drying stage right now and I’m not very hopeful.  Some days I think aren’t meant for crafting.  I’m not sure what the difference is between a successful day and a fail day, but today really feels like a fail day.  Even worse, tomorrow I need to do our taxes as we meet the tax people on Friday.  I hate doing taxes more than just about anything.

When I was a senior in college, my major was accounting.  For my internship, I did personal taxes with a pen and 1040 forms for the entire internship as it was 1981 and personal computers hadn’t been invented yet.  I know, I’m seriously old.  We didn’t have cell phones and when we wanted to call home, we used a pay phone.  Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Accounting and doing taxes.  I realized right away, this was not the career for me.  It’s not the best time to decide something that important, one semester away from graduation, but that’s when I knew.  And now I just about get hives preparing to do our taxes, and I don’t even prepare them.  Geez, I’m a mess.

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