Well, I got my taxes done and didn’t cry or pass out, so it was a good day.  I have to say that the relief I feel when taxes are done is so great, I just can’t say.  So we came home and had date night that involved pizza and a movie with all of the dogs laying on blankets on their own private spots.  Aggie likes to lay beside me on the couch, but gets bored with that after about half an hour, and gets down, then Bella moves from another couch onto the couch with me, and at some point, she moves back to her couch and I have Honey.  Apparently I am the chosen one.  I think they know which one of us will buckle and give them a small bite of pizza crust.  I am a big sucker for a sad dog face.

Rich tried to upload a video today and I had one segment that was corrupted, so he couldn’t play that part.  He asked me to recap it for him so he could write notes about what I did during that segment, went back to the computer and he lost everything he’d uploaded.  He was so frustrated that he’d lost an hour’s worth of work, that he threw in the towel for the day.  It happens.  I’ve lost so many hours of video footage, I can’t even begin to count.  So another day and no video, but he promises me, one will go up tomorrow and I’ll be working on another one to add to his pile.


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