Well Rich’s idea for his photograph was really amazing.  He took a picture of some spring flowers and then created a distressed background around them.  He then set the pictures up so they are a JPEG file and can be printed on cardstock.   I printed out four of them and made some into postcards and some into cards.  All it takes to make an Easter card is to stamp a sentiment on his photo and then either stamp a postcard stamp on the back of the image or cut the paper down enough to attach it to another piece of cardstock and then stamp a postcard stamp on that.  You don’t even need a postcard stamp, you can just write the name and address on the back and draw a line between the address and your message.

Ok, I realize that it doesn’t make much sense the way I explained it, but the bottom line is this.  Rich is giving anyone the photos so they can print them on their regular printers and make them into really lovely cards for spring, Easter, Passover, whatever the occasion.  It was such a nice thing for him to do and the video will be up tomorrow so you can start making some cards for yourself.  I think it takes about five minutes to create a card that is really nice…Just wait until you see them, I think you’ll be impressed.

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