I’m committed to having some fun tonight and making a card that really makes me happy.  I’m tired of making cards that are disappointing and end up in the trash, so I think I might do a flicking or smooshing technique.  Something that will be messy and a lot of fun.  There’s nothing fun about making a card that doesn’t create a big mess (in my opinion).  I like to be covered with ink or watercolor paints when I am finished.  That way I know I really put myself into the project.

Unfortunately, I was really covered with the oxide inks, but just didn’t get the results I expected.  I’m so frustrated by them and by the fact that others don’t seem to have the bold colored looks that I got when I tried them.  They either look like chalk, or are crazy bold in color.  I need to spend a day with them where I’m not really concerned with results and just learn how to use them.  That’s not my plan for today, however.  Today is about playing and having success with whatever I try, so it needs to be a technique that I have already mastered.

Did I tell you about Aliexpress?  It’s a website from Japan (I think) that sells just about everything, but you can find terrific deals on stamping tools.  Dies, tape runners, etc.  One of my viewers told me about it and I’ve ordered a bunch of things and can’t wait to do a haul once the things start arriving.  I don’t like waiting for two to three weeks to receive the things I order, but then again, I do like buying sets of stitched dies for $4.  I hope I’ll be happy with them and can’t wait to get everything.

I’m sure I mentioned that we’re going to a stamp show this weekend in Akron, Ohio, and I’m hoping I don’t go crazy buying everything in sight.  It’s fun to see what’s new in stamping and I’m looking forward to it.  Rich is thrilled beyond words, haha.  Actually, he doesn’t mind going. The last time we went to a stamp show, the man selling tickets, gave Rich his ticket for free, because any man who would attend a stamp show didn’t deserve to pay for it too.  It was funny and sweet of him to give Rich his ticket, and we’ve been laughing about it since it happened.


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