Sometimes, I just like to make a card that I know will work well.  Other times, I’m willing to experiment and risk having a major fail.  Tonight I wanted to do something that was almost certainly going to work.  I have Ken Oliver Liquid Metallics and I thought it would be really fun to use them as watercolors, so I picked a large floral image and used black ink and heat set it, then went crazy watercoloring.  I really love to watercolor and those metallics are so much fun that I decided to keep the long coloring portion of the video on regular speed.  I’ve been asking Rich to speed through coloring, but sometimes I think people want to watch the long version.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I like watching coloring, so maybe others do as well.

The card looked ok, but then I decided to use a toothbrush to flick the leftover inks out of my palette.  It went like I expected.  I flicked ink all over my work surface and some actually hit the card as well.  I had to laugh because when I looked at the desktop, it was covered in ink.  I’m so used to the crazy mistakes that I make, it doesn’t even faze me anymore.  Oh, I forgot one last mishap.  I used the foam tape that sticks to everything and took the backing off of it and “thought” I laid it out of the way of my work.  No, not the case.  I accidentally attached the card base to the foam tape then after retrieving that mess, I tossed the tape runner out of my way and it landed directly in the center of the exposed foam tape.  So long story short, the foam tape is now attached to not only me, but the tape runner and, oh, yeah, the envelope ended up in the Nuvo drops I put on the front of the card.  Sometimes I wonder how I accomplish anything, haha.

I’m still fretting about the oxide inks, but have decided that when the time is right and my patience is high, I’ll be ready to try them again.  In the meantime, I made a fun and pretty card that I’m pretty happy with.


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