I’m working on a video and hoping Rich gets another one online today/tonight.  I’ve had a cute baby chick that I thought I would do a bunch of masking and show beginning crafters how to mask and work with tiny images for masking.  It’s a work in progress, but so far, so good.

You know how in the beginning of my channel, I referred to myself as MacGyver?  I was watching a couple of YouTube videos this morning and on the side of the video showed a Canadian YT channel for a Stampin’ Up representative by the name of, wait for it, Sandi MacIver.  She has over 13,000 subscribers and probably thinks I tried to steal her name when I called myself MacGyver.  Tell me how weird that is that her name is so close to it?  Anyway, I’ve been getting a chuckle out of it and thought I’d give you the link to her channel.  I haven’t watched any of her videos yet, but will make sure I put it on my channels to visit.  After all, we’re almost related. haha.


I’m meeting my college girlfriends for dinner tonight and hope I’ll feel like finishing my card when I get home.  It’s always great so see old friends as we never really have to say anything to break the ice to reconnect.  That’s the best part about knowing people for almost 40 years.  Holy cow, that can’t be right…I’m only 37.  (See how I took 20 years off and didn’t say something completely unbelievable, like 29.)  Twenty nine is completely out of the realm of possibilities, but 37, people could just think I’ve lived hard and look really old for my age.  I might have to bump my number into the 40’s, but who really cares what lie I come up with…it all sounds fun to me.

2 thoughts on “5/9/2017

  1. What a funny coincidence. For what it’s worth, I liked that show and I loved Richard Dean Anderson! Hope you had a nice dinner with your college friends. Nothing like reminiscing about what a fun and unique experience college is (except during finals week, which is what my son is knee deep in right now).


  2. I had the biggest crush on Richard Dean Anderson and absolutely loved his hair. Funny how some guys can pull off a mullet. haha.
    Had a great time with my girlfriends, and hope we don’t get thrown out of restaurants for the crazy things we continue to do (at our age, you’d think we would mature even a tiny bit.) Oh well, I don’t think it’s in the cards.
    I have your mom’s card ready to mail and can’t find her address, can you email it to me again? Sorry.


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