I love watching birds in our backyard.  When I was a kid, my parents loved watching birds and I thought it was the most boring thing I’d ever seen.  As an adult, Rich and I love feeding wildlife and buy a ton (literally) of corn from a local farmer, so our deer population don’t starve.  We take the same approach with our birds and have several feeders operating at once.  It’s really lucky that we do, because we have a bear (that’s funny, I typed beer instead of bear and caught it just in time.)  Our bear finds it to be great fun to destroy as many bird feeders on his/her quest for spring sustenance.   So unfortunately, as soon as he/she wakes up from his/her long winter’s nap, we have to stop feeding the birds.  That’s actually when the real fun begins.  I have several bird houses that I hang in spots around our backyard.  I always put at least two under the awning that covers our patio.  We have a pair of small brown birds (I know they aren’t sparrows), but really don’t know what kind of birds they are.  They always set up housekeeping in one of our bird houses and the mother bird is very verbal.  I’m not sure who she’s talking to, her mate, other birds who might want to take her home, or us.  But she is a talker.  Non-stop.  Rich thinks she sounds like she nagging the male bird to get the nest ready to go or help feed the babies.  Regardless, we love watching her and listening to her rants.

Our bird family inspired me to make a card that’s all about birds.  I bought a die from Aliexpress that was maybe a dollar of small birds on a line.  I thought it would be really fun to make different colored birds on a tree branch, so die cut a bunch of birds in different colors.  The card is for a friend that just retired and I thought she’d enjoy it.
It took a while to change out the colors of the small birds by cutting them from their original die cut and gluing them to the branch colored one. There are three branches on the card, so I had to cut fifteen little birds off of their die cuts.   After I finished the card, I showed it to Rich and he said, so you just colored them?  I felt like smacking myself on the head and saying something like “I could have had a V8” or “how stupid am I that I never thought of that?”  It would have been so much easier if I had just die cut three white branches and colored the birds and the branch, but why take the easy way out?  These are the things you have to ask yourself, or think, if I only had a brain.


2 thoughts on “5/21/2017

  1. My dad used to love to watch birds too, and I thought the same thing. He even had a bird book so he could identify them. I used to think “who cares”, but now I totally understand. Appreciation sure deepens as we age.


  2. Maybe when we are young, we are so self focused and as we get older, we can see the beauty that we missed when we were obsessing about ourselves.
    Mama bird was really full of insight this morning..I think Rich is right, she’s nagging and not just her mate. I think she’s telling us we didn’t hang her home under the awning enough, so her home isn’t completely protected from the weather. She feels fat and can’t get through the little hole and that’s making her feel bad about herself. I have a vivid imagination….


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