I worked on cards for hours today and only ended up with one that I really liked.  I thought I could use one of the dies I bought from AliExpress to make a pretty card, but honestly, nothing went well.  I decided at one point to add glitter into the die cut, which was really not a terrific idea, because I really am not fond of glitter and don’t have the best of luck with it either.  I wanted to see if I could fix it somehow and of course, I couldn’t.  I really hate spending a lot of time trying to make something usable when I knew all along that glitter was not a good plan.  Sometimes I think I’m a wishful thinker.  I make something I really don’t like and then in the future, try the exact same technique and think it will turn out differently.  I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of insanity.  Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

So on to card number two.  This card has been in my head for a long time and I don’t know why I didn’t just go with it instead of wasting time on card number one.  I wanted to make a circle with different colors in the pie shapes within the circle. Then after I colored it, I wanted to lay all of my circle stitch dies on top and cut it out, then put foam tape behind it and put it on a 5 1/2″ square card.  Honestly, it came out much better than I hoped and I’m happy I finally made it.  Today I’m going to make my baby Groot card and clean my craft room.  I absolutely am committed to getting the floor space clean and putting the things I want to get rid of in boxes and put them in my basement.  Phase two of the plan is to organize the basement mess into some kind of order and start selling the things I don’t need or want and organize the rest.  I have so many things that I need to get rid of, it’s just not even funny.  Friends have said I should sell things from my stash on my YouTube channel but I am really uncomfortable with that plan.  I don’t want people to think I’m on a quest to sell off a bunch of things and that every video is one where I’m selling things.  I just don’t know how to sell these things.  Probably ebay.  I’m so strung out with anxiety thinking about the amount of work involved in doing that, I’m not really excited about it either.  I just need to get organized.  I’d feel so much better if I did.  Maybe cleaning my floor of my craft room will be the first much needed step toward feeling better about the mess I have here.  These are the times when I wish I had a neighborhood kid that loved to organize and then I could pay them to do the physical things that I’m incapable of doing.  Darn it, my neighbors are all our age or older.  (I’m not saying it’s a retirement community, but there are very few spring chickens here.)

Maybe I’ll get serious about cleaning tomorrow.

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