Ok, so I missed a day of blogging and I’m not sure where the time went.  I haven’t been doing a lot of crafting as I’ve had a few doctor’s appointments this week and just haven’t been up for doing very much.   Honestly, sometimes the days just slip by me and I forget what I’m doing (or what I am supposed to do.)  Today I went to some garage sales and for the most part they were disappointing, but that’s because I have everything I could need or want and don’t have many items that friends have asked me to get for them.  I did find a two tiered K-cup rack that made me really happy, so I can replace my two individual ones for one big washi tape rack.

Naturally I found baby stuffed animals for the dogs and since garage sale season is in full swing, I can’t get through the door without being mauled by my dogs looking to see what kind of toy I’ve brought each of them.

After coming home, a nap was in order as we had an anniversary party we needed to attend.  The party was really nice, and they had a great band, but you know you are getting old when the band is so loud that you can’t hear anyone around you or what they are saying.  I’m sure I didn’t make the appropriate responses to the things people were saying, because I really didn’t have much of a clue as to what they said.  I felt a little bit dumb until I asked the lady next to me a question, and her answer was completely off track, so I knew she couldn’t hear me either.  I wondered why the couple didn’t ask the band to turn down the volume, as the average age of their audience was probably 65-70.  We decided it was definitely time to leave when the band put strobe lights in different colors pointed at the crowd.  (This is the moment you know Rich and I are old.)  We looked at each other and Rich pointed to the crowd and said, “I think these lights give people seizures.”  The funny thing was I was thinking the same thing.  If you had only seen these lights, they reminded me of movies where they are interrogating  and torturing the person at the same time.  Definitely not a great idea for the age of the crowd that attended.

And finally, to end the night, I got two cupcakes on a plate as we both wanted a treat for the road, and one cupcake rolled off and a man stepped on it and kept walking (not realizing he had a cupcake attached to his foot.)  Honestly he must have been ninety.  Rich kept trying to get him to stop walking so he could remove the cupcake from the man’s foot, but the poor guy couldn’t hear him over the music, or maybe he was the first to let the strobe lights affect him, it’s a toss up.  We finally retrieved the runaway cupcake and left after feeling terrible for the poor man and his icing covered shoe.   Ah, the glamorous life I lead.


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