I have been wanting to make a lot of videos featuring fun folds and today I made a Father’s Day card that was a shirt and tie shaped card.  I found it to be so interesting when I saw the originator of the card make her video.  At one point I think she gave mis-information, or I just wrote it down wrong, so had to make the first card over.  I have to say, it’s a really easy card to make but naturally I made it harder than it needed to be.  I used a double sided paper that had a weird Christmas pattern on the back.  Since the sleeves of the shirt show the reverse of the paper, I needed to fix it as it looked really odd.  At first I thought I’d just let it go, but then I started thinking about other people who might make the same mistake with their project and wouldn’t necessarily know how to fix it.  I did warn people not to make the same mistake as I did, but the added benefit was a really finished looking card as compared to the other one that ended up having white sleeves on the back.  I have to say, both cards had their own style, and they were a lot of fun to make.

I also made a graduation card that took forever because I kept having problems with my embossing powder.  I really believe that when the weather is hot and humid, embossing becomes iffy.  I’m not sure why I believe it, maybe I just have trouble with different colors of embossing powders.  They could be old, I’m not sure, maybe they have a best used by date and I passed that date, darn.

I was asked to do a video on embossing powders and man am I worried about it, as I have a lot of fails with them as well..  Maybe I should consider buying an embossing buddy or maybe I could just find a buddy to emboss for me, haha.

2 thoughts on “6/13/2017

  1. Hello! I have embossing powders that are 20 plus years old and they work. The Frugal Crafter suggested making your own embossing buddy with corn starch. I put some cornstarch in a square of cloth, gathered it up and secured with a rubber band. It works! The old embossing buddy I have does not work.

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    1. Thanks Barbara. I made my own embossing buddy with corn starch and a doubled-over knee high. Works great for putting down corn starch, but I still get so much stray embossing powder stuck to my images. You and I watch the same videos, haha. Just watched someone suggest using a new drier sheet or baby powder, so will try both before making the video. Bought the book on embossing and so far pretty disappointed as it never covered what to do with the issues I have… Oh well, I’ve also been watching a lot of technique videos hoping to get all of the answers I need. Sandy


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