I really got serious about making a card with triple layer stamps in rose patterns that I bought from AliExpress.  I found just the right color combination, (after a lot of experimentation), and went nuts stamping all over a card.  It was so hideous that I had to start over.  That happens sometimes, and sometimes it happens more often than not.  I really needed to cut back the number of roses, so settled on three.  It seemed like a good number and really started looking good.  Then the phone rang.  It was our nephew’s wife in Virginia, and I always look forward to talking to her.  She put me on speakerphone and I got to speak with our great niece as well.  She’s a hoot.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think she is related to me and not Rich, because her personality is very similar to mine.

They made plans to spend a long weekend with us this summer.  We had talked about having them visit when we went to Virginia last year to see both of our nephews, but didn’t think they would be able to fit us into their very busy schedule.  I don’t know how people handle the schedules that kids have now.  They have every week planned for the summer except the time they are visiting us.  That’s amazing.  We are just so excited that they will be spending time with us, as they’ve never been to our house before and we just want to relax and hang out with them.

So two hours later, I was off the phone and done with the idea of finishing the card.  That’s the way things go sometimes.  I’m thrilled for the interruption and even more excited about their visit.  That also means more videos featuring Erika.  YAY!

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