I spent the afternoon researching my tape runners, lowest costs, etc.  I know it sounds like I spent an unusually long time doing something so simple, but finding the lowest price for several tape runners does take some time.

We also had to take Bella to the vet because Honey doesn’t know how to play like a young lady…she is more like a ninja, sneaking up on poor Bella and biting her on her neck.   It happened a day or so ago, but it must have bothered Bella, because she used her back foot to scratch it until she had big open sore on her neck.  Because this is a holiday weekend, we normally have big dog issues on weekends, so we decided to do a preemptive strike and take her to the vet before she could do any more damage than she already has.  The vet shaved the area, gave her a shot, an antibiotic, and some steroids, and sent us on our way.  Since Bella’s afraid to ride in the car, Rich rides in the backseat with her so she can tuck her head under his arm and shake like a leaf.  It breaks our hearts when we have to take her in the car, but she’s always comforted knowing Rich is there to hold her, while I drive with one eye on the road, and one on my poor shaking dog.

We’ve always dreamed of spending our winters in the south somewhere, maybe the Myrtle Beach area, but getting our dogs there is a mystery.  I told Rich we should find someone with a Winnebago type vehicle, who would be willing to just drive us there (with our dogs) and pulling our car behind them, and then come back and pick us up once the winter is over.  Of course we’d pay them, but it still seems like kind of a stretch…Seriously, who would want to drive people with their two big neurotic dogs (we won’t do this until after Aggie’s no longer with us), and pull our car behind their Winnebago type vehicle… I did say it was a dream, didn’t I?

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