I spent the evening finishing the video on tape runners, and boy is it going to be a long video.  I think I covered all of the things people would want to know when it comes to tape runners, but we’ll wait and see.

I had the first negative comment about my hands (in a video), and although I’ve been bracing myself for this for a year and a half, it still hurt.  I found the girl who wrote the comment, and she’s young, in her teens, but it still leaves a mark.  She said something along the lines of she liked the idea of the video, but “her hands are creepy.”  I tried to be really constructive with the response as I wanted her to know that she hurt me and that my hands could be attached to her mother, her grandmother, or even herself.  I don’t know if I said the right things or not, but I tried to make it a learning experience for her and took that approach in my response.  After all, we were all kids once, and said and did stupid, thoughtless things, but in this world of instant communication, it’s so easy for kids to put negativity out into the world with the touch of a keypad and never think about how it lands.

If you want to read the comments, they are attached to the video I’ve linked below.  I’d really appreciate your thoughts as to whether I handled it the right way or not.  Since I’ve never had kids, I don’t really know how to say things so they sink in.  I just hope she did take something away from what I said, even if it’s something small.  Here’s the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C2f4xDKWzE&t=78s


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