Finally, a day of rest.  I’m exhausted from three days of picnics and I’m taking full advantage of the down time.  I made my first video for my choices for the best tools for the beginning card maker.  It wasn’t a lot of work and I think my choices should make a lot of sense.  At least I hope they will.  The thing that’s nice about this video, is that it works well with other videos that are already made.  I have a video on how to use a paper trimmer and will link that to the end of this video as I feature a paper trimmer in this video.  I’m also going to link a video that I made on papers and inks so that people will understand those as well.  I really think that it’s overwhelming for a new card maker to know what they need vs. what people tell them they need.  I tried to stay on track with products that I felt they really needed.  I also tried to stay away from really expensive products, as I really doubt that a new card maker can afford everything I mentioned, let alone a MISTI.  I did bring up the MISTI, but didn’t go into a lot of detail.  I talked about the version Tim Holtz has coming out as the price point is going to be much lower than the MISTI, (if it ever gets approval to go to market.)  I really wish one of the less expensive stamping tools was still on the market, because it’s really hard for me to say to someone that this $60 is the best fit for you, even though right now it currently is.  I really wish she would lower her price to something that more crafters can afford, but I don’t see that happening.

In the meantime, I have one video on products in the bag and my next is going to focus on embossing and the ins and outs of it.  I’m a little bit worried about that one, because I bought one of the Marvy 2500 heat tools, used it on a one word die cut, and then it wouldn’t turn back on.  My second Marvy is on it’s way to me via Amazon as we speak.  Let’s hope I get at least two words out of this one.

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