Michael’s Recollections Heavyweight Cardstock, and More, Haul

I went to Michaels on 7/21/2017, specifically to purchase the Recollections Heavyweight 110 lb cardstock that is now being sold in a variety of colors.  Of course I got sidetracked along the way and bought a few other goodies that I thought I would share.

The Heavyweight Recollections 110 lb cardstock comes in packs of 100 sheets.  The sell full packs of black, cream and white.  I already had those colors, so was looking for more of a variety, as I make my card bases almost solely from this brand of paper.

I bought the neutrals, which were black, gray, brown and cream, and the blues, which are a turquoise, light jean color, royal blue and navy blue.  I also bought the pinks, which were very light pink, then baby pink, then a brighter pink and a fuchsia color.  They normally sell for $14.99 but were on sale for $10 and I had an additional 20% off coupon for sale items, so they were $8 each (and well worth that price.)

In the clearance department, I found a cute notebook that I’ll be covering that was $1.50 and a smaller popsicle shaped post it note pad for 50 cents.

They were also selling small “Mason jar” type bottles of crafty supplies for $3.89 each.  They had the alphabet in peg stamps with a small black ink pad.  I’m going to return this set as they did not stamp really clearly and I’m sorry that it’s not mentioned in the video.
Also bought a jar of 12 ink mini ink pads and I went into detail on them in my ink video that’s one of the videos I uploaded right before this one.  This jar was also $3.89.

I bought two sets of spray shimmer inks that were called “Boho” and the color sets were orange, yellow and pink, and green, purple and a blue/green color.  They were also $3.89 each.

I bought a marbling set that was originally $30 and I spent $9 for it.  I thought it was poor quality and you are only given four or five packets of “magic powder” and once the powder is gone, you can’t make any more marbled papers.  Also, the colors included were all very vibrant primary colors.  The box was really well sealed in the store, so there was no way to determine the quality in the store.  I did contact their customer service department and they gave me a $15 gift card which was terrific.   They did say the item had been discontinued.
I love the quality of the things I normally purchase at Michaels and was happy with the end results of this haul.

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