People have been talking to me about the lack of new videos we’ve been putting online.  There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is having family visit for almost a week.  The other issue is Rich’s lower back and hip, and having a lot of pain in both places.  He’s been getting shots to help with the pain, but sitting for long periods of times (doing videos) has not been great for him.  I think the turning point was when Rich concluded that he is at least ten videos behind and it made him panic a little bit.  It’s not like I’m doing more videos than normal, it’s just that he’s not putting them up as quickly as he used to.  I haven’t been giving him any pressure, but he’s started putting one up every day for the last few days, and I’m happy he’s feeling well enough to edit them.

I love it when viewers mention the music or Rich’s editing, as he is really proud of the channel and his role in it, and he should be.  I’m amazed that we are creeping up on the two year mark for the channel.  Time passes so quickly, and it’s been so much fun for both of us.  The dogs, not so much.  Aggie gets really frustrated when the craft room door is closed, so I leave it open so she can see me, but her panting sometimes is pretty disruptive.  After your dog is fifteen, you pretty much let them do whatever they want, and Aggie is the queen of the household.

I’m still working on the projects I’m donating to a friend’s charity, and will be videotaping making one of them before I am finished.  I’m thinking it’s time for a movie and bed so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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