Working on making sets of cards using my new layering dies from Aliexpress.  You never know how much easier things can be until you try using them.  I used to really struggle trying to find ways to make a project look a little bit different than another and now, all I have to do is put a few pieces of card stock together and voila, a great card.  I’m having so much fun with them and have been making a lot of different cards and videos.

Last night I decided to make more bath bombs (you’ll see the video on them soon), and had made some with our great niece Erika (also on video.)  We couldn’t understand what we were doing wrong, as our cupcake shaped bath bombs kept growing and growing.  We’d push them down into the silicone mold and a few minutes later, they’d be bursting from their seams again.  So I decided to try it the old fashioned way, using a Christmas ball (plastic) and filling it with the ingredients and then closing them.  Ok, so the first one was filled pretty tightly and a couple minutes later it was oozing everywhere, so I scraped a lot out and closed it again.  Another couple minutes, more oozed out.  This just kept going and going.  It was like the Blob movie, or what I expect the Blob movie was like…Stuff just oozing everywhere with no end in sight.  So the next ball, I only filled most of the way.   Still too much, oozed out of the plastic…The third one, (I’m now getting a little bit irritated that I can’t figure out how much is the right amount), so I filled it about 2/3rds full.  Still had some minor issues.  My suggestion if you are making bath bombs, is to fill a little under 2/3rd full and hope for the best.  The bath bomb seems to absord whatever space is available, so even if it’s not seemingly full, it probably will be in a few minutes.  In the end, my bath bombs looked and smelled pretty great….I used orange, vanilla and a little clove essential oil in them.  I like them for Rich after basketball, as the Epsom salts seems to help with his muscle aches (a little bit), and they make the whole house smell like a Creamsicle, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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