Today, Rich built a shelf for me to put all of my paper trimmers, MISTI and Stamp Perfect on.  I love it.  It makes me so happy to have something small, but so stress relieving checked off of my to do list (ok, Rich’s, but it was something I really wanted.)

I put up a haul video from Aliexpress and at the same time, decided it was time to talk about the hurricane and my plans to help.  Of course my plans right now are fairly vague, but I’ve started enlisting help, including Lindsay and Rebecca Walton of Rubber Stamp Tapestry.  The problem is logistics.  How do we determine what is needed and how to get it to the right people?  I’ve thought it through and Lindsay came up with an idea that I think might work.  We are still so far away from rolling anything out, but I have a date as my implementation date.  The last Saturday in October is Make a Difference Day in the USA.  Normally that’s a day where people volunteer to help others sweep leaves, paint, do garbage cleanup.  I think it’s also the perfect day for us to roll out how crafters can make a difference.  All we need to do is try.  We might not help a million people, but every person that is helped on their way to a crafty recovery, will be one less that is not.  I don’t have the answers, lots of questions, but not a lot of answers.  I’m starting to contact craft companies to see if they might want to help or participate.  It’s very new to all of us, and I for one, can’t sit back and let this opportunity to help others pass me by.  It takes each of us to make a difference, no matter how big or how small, and from my experience on YouTube, I know my audience will be there to help as they are the most kind, generous, caring people I’ve ever encountered.

So if you have an idea or suggestion, or you just want to vent, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere until we have a plan and it is implemented.

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