I spent the day today finishing interviews at the college Rich and I attended.  It’s something that I always really look forward to doing, and the accounting students get their jobs for Spring 2018, in the next few weeks, so this is really crunch time for them.  I love seeing their determination and ambition, and am really proud of the college we attended, so Rich and I do as much as we can to support them.  After all, we wouldn’t have each other if we hadn’t met, and if Rich hadn’t been failing accounting, then he wouldn’t have had me for a tutor, and the rest as they say, is history.  The head of the accounting and business department, always takes credit for our marriage and it’s success, as he’s the one that let me pick who I wanted to tutor.  Of course, I wasn’t any dummy, I chose all good looking guys….Ok, I chose a couple good looking guys, but had my heart set on one after spending a lot of time studying with him.

Our school was pretty small, but it was a close knit community of people, and Rich and I are still in contact with our college friends.  We’re having dinner with at least four of Rich’s friends this week and my friends get together as often as possible, and take trips together every few years.  It doesn’t seem like 36 years since we’ve been together–it feels almost like yesterday (until I look at our gray hair), and realize we might not be 19 anymore…(darn it.)


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