How to Make a Fairy Garden

My cousin Shelli, her friend, Linda, and I spent a day together crafting…Shelli wanted to make a fairy garden and was inspired by Crafting it up and Creations by Janet on YouTube.
You’ll need a planting pot and foam core for this project. You’ll trace the top of the pot on the foam core and then cut the foam core so it fits inside the top. You’ll buy a door and glue it on the side of the planter and then glue greenery around the door. Shelli found a lot of her fair garden products at dollar stores and Big Lots.
You’ll want to glue the foam core into the top of the planter with hot glue and then position the fairy garden pieces around the foam core and once you are sure that you like it, glue it all down. When gluing the greenery down, you should make sure you only glue small portions so the glue doesn’t dry before you get your moss glued in place.
If you glue anything and regret it, you can pull them back off and reglue them down. As for the door, Shelli placed hers in the wrong place (once her pieces were glued in place), so she pulled the door off and repositioned it so it was on the opposite side of the planter from her house.

Linda made a Halloween inspired fairy garden and I made a wreath with my fairy products.

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