Making A Christmas Wreath and Naming the Elf on the Shelf

I am going to be using the Elf on the Shelf in all of my Christmas videos, and wanted to name it. We thought it would be fun to have viewers choose the name. Our elf appears to be a boy. You have until midnight EST of October 5th, 2017, to submit a comment on this video with the name you think we should name our elf. Rich is going to be the one to determine the winner and the winner must be in the United States to receive their prize. The prize will be something crafty, (not the Elf on the Shelf.)

We made our Christmas wreaths out of existing wreaths and fluffed them and then used a combination of bells, metal balls, styrofoam berries, gold plastic wreaths, and pine cones to hot glue on our wreaths. We made large bows (with the help of our human bow jig, Linda. If you want to make a bow with a human bow jig, have them hold their arms out (the width you want your bow) and you’ll need a second person who will wrap a long length of thick wire trimmed ribbon around the other person’s outstretched arms, and you will cross the right length under the left then through the center of the arms then back over the top and tie it in the back. It’s exactly how you would make a bow with a wood jig, only on a larger scale.

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