I spent most of the afternoon working on my big destash video, then Rich spent the rest of the afternoon and all evening, trying to upload the video.  It was so long that it turned into two videos, and he’s having a difficult time getting YouTube to upload it, so it’s still not up.  Sometimes these things happen when you do videos, but unfortunately, I had promised that the video would go live today, and I’m so sorry to break that promise.  I’ll make sure it goes up tomorrow and hopefully, early in the day.  Sometimes I am at the mercy of the YouTube system, so it will go live when it goes live.  Darn it.

I did end up with twenty packages of goodies to sell and I think people will have a great selection of items and prices, so if they are looking to spend a little bit of money, they can, and if they are looking to spend more, there’s a goodie bag for that as well.

I’ll jump on the video first thing after I get out of bed in the morning.  Again, I’m sorry that the videos aren’t live.

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