It’s been one of those days where I haven’t accomplished very much.  We did sell seven out of the twenty units we have for sale for the fund raiser.  I’m hoping we’ll sell a lot more in the next few days, but it looks kind of iffy.  I’m hoping that it won’t be a one day of activity and then nothing, kind of thing, but I guess I’ll wait and see.

I really had big plans for activities today, but ended up spending a lot of time making a big supper for Rich, and that’s about all.  Some days I just don’t have a ton of ambition.  I wonder if other people have days like this?  Probably so.

I did write several cards I’d been meaning to get into the mail, so tomorrow I’m making a trip to the post office and hopefully will be making a couple of videos.  Rich does have three ready to edit and upload, so I guess I’ll start bothering him about it tomorrow…So maybe we’ll have a video go up tomorrow as well.

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