I spent a lot of today looking for the next great fun fold card.  A friend of mine, Sherry, sent me a photo of the latest one she had tried, and I have to make it in the next couple of weeks.  It’s a card that has a tea light inside, so it looks like there’s a flame in the fireplace or a light on in the window.  Both were adorable, but I didn’t have any tea lights yet, so didn’t want to make it until I did.   I thought I’d make a waterfall card that MayMay had just made.  I thought it looked relatively easy, when watching the video, and took notes, so I’d know how to do it.  I made it once, well the card base and mechanism, and realized my mechanism was too long to fit inside the card, so obviously I was doing something wrong.   I went back to the video and saw that  I had glued the photo pieces to the wrong length of the mechanism and went back to the drawing board.  Made the mechanism a second time, confident that I knew what was wrong, and had the same problem again.  I decided it was better to stop while I was ahead and make the mechanism tomorrow.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that I was gluing the pieces in exactly the same way I had the first time (only on the opposite end of the card stock), so how did I expect to get a different result?  Just because I glued them to the opposite end didn’t make the end result any shorter.  It’s a mystery.  Back to the video.

In the meantime, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought my tealights so if the waterfall never works, I’ll have a backup plan.  My Dollar Tree excursion was to buy more hydro-cordisone (ok, I’m not sure how to spell it and it’s not in the spell check for my computer, so I apologize for the spelling), cream for the poison ivy on my wrist.  I’m sure I must have mentioned it in another blog post.

I can’t believe how much this itches.  I have friends that had poison ivy all over their legs and arms.  I think I would have gone insane.  I haven’t really slept in at least four days, as the itching wakes me up.  I’ve used a lot of different products, none have been effective long term, except ice.  I lived with an ice pack on my wrist for at least three days, but in my sleep, the ice melts and I wake up.  I’m too lazy to get more ice, so I have two other remedies on my night stand, one being the hydro-cordisone that works, but only very short term.  I keep a paste I made of water and baking soda, and that works great.  The only problem is that it wipes off and it looks like there’s snow beside the bed on the floor from me getting up a hundred times a night…Ok, probably more like five or six times, but every time I get up, I’m shedding baking soda paste.  It’s really pretty.  No, it’s kind of gross, but it helps me sleep and that’s all that matters.  I tried putting a band-aid on it to cover it and keep the paste on, but that makes it really warm and super itchy.

I was telling Rich yesterday that I didn’t understand why it was still so red and irritated because I know I’m not itching it, but I wasn’t sure if I itched it in my sleep.  Last night I really thought about it, and yes, I’m a night itcher.  Call me crazy, but boy that feels good.  At least now we know.  TMI?  Probably so.

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