The apron card was a big success and I was happy that something I visualized could actually turn out to be something worth watching.  You never know when you have an idea like that, if it will be something people will like, or really wish you hadn’t shared.  Thus my pumpkin.  I know I should have put up the video by now, as it was a Halloween inspired project, but at the time, thought I’d use it as a Thanksgiving pumpkin.  Then I bought this grassy moss that is like you’d see at a Putt Putt golf course (should Putt Putt be capitalized?)..  I wanted to glue it inside the pumpkin and maybe use it for candy, but really because the pumpkin would look more finished…Once I put the grass inside, I found a really fun Halloween  door that I thought would fit inside.  It does, but you have to tilt it and push it way inside, as it’s too big for the doorway….Once I did that, I realized that it needed lighting so you could see the door, so bought some of the Dollar Tree lights, then had to put a brace to hold the door upright.  Long story short, the stupid pumpkin still isn’t done.  Who would have thought that they would make a door that weighed so much?  I’m not sure what you can do with it, but the door weighs almost a pound (I might be exaggerating, but it feels really heavy.)  I think I’m going to show the inside with the grass in it and the rest of the pumpkin and mention how if you put it in a corner, no one will ever know the difference..is it a Thanksgiving decoration or a Halloween one…it gives you two holidays worth of decorating bang for your buck…I need to finish that video and get it up in case anyone wants to make a Thanksgiving pumpkin for their table, they’ll have time to buy it and make it.  I know a lot of places have their pumpkins really discounted now, so it’s the perfect time to buy one.

And speaking of discounts…I didn’t want to talk about Aliexpress because of all of the issues that have surrounded it on YouTube, but they had a really big sale today and I bought a lot of different things that I’ve been wanting to get, but was waiting for the sale to buy them.  It was an 11/11 event, and I bought about $60 worth of things, so you know it was thirty items worth of goodies.  I’ve been asked to make a jewelry dangle for on notebooks, purses, you name it, so bought some of the supplies I’d need for that.  Also wanted to be sure I bought some of the layering dies that I had already bought one of, and found matching designs that overlap, and got those.  I’ll still make projects using these dies, but am not going to do hauls or promote buying from them, as that’s what gets YouTubers in trouble and ultimately, lose their channels.

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