You know you’re getting old when you think you just wrote in the blog yesterday, when it was actually two days ago.  I’m getting senile, I’m pretty sure of it.  Made two videos yesterday and had a great time doing it.  Today, I’m doing two more.  I had a viewer ask if something was wrong that I haven’t been putting up many videos.  I think I’m forgetting how long it is between videos.  They’re done, I just have to remind Rich to put them up.  I have videos that are so old, they date back to the beginning of October…Are they up?  No, because I keep thinking people want to see fall/Christmas type videos, so I’m putting the others on the back burner until January when I won’t have any new or different ideas.  Ok, these aren’t new or different, but I still need to wait until after the holidays when I’ll be hard pressed for ideas.  This time of year I can make a video a minute with card ideas and albums, ornaments, etc., but after the new year, I have no ideas, and that’s when I need to say things for.

I need to get busy and make today’s videos.  I’m shooting for easy and quick, because this time of year people need easy and quick crafts to do.  I’m on it.  It’s bookmark and refrigerator magnet and decorated clothespins….Videos for everyone, Yay!

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