I really wanted to try to make a jewelry dangle to attach to a key chain, as I had a request for one from a viewer.  I have watched people make jewelry so many times and I thought, “With a couple pairs of pliers, I could easily bend wire.”  Not so much.  I bent it once, and then everything fell apart.  The dangle spun, the wire fought me, and long story short, I won’t be making any jewelry on a video any time soon.  I know you probably find that shocking, OK, you probably thought, “anybody looking at your hands would know you can’t twist wire,” and you’d be right.  There are so many times when I convince myself that I can do things, especially something as simple as bending a wire, only to discover I can’t.  And the funny part is, it always surprises me when I can’t.

So today I’m back to card making, because that’s one area I’m pretty sure I can handle.  I’m still a little bit disappointed in the whole wire bending incident, but I’ll get over it.  I’ll just chock it up to “at least I tried.”

I want to make a couple of cards that will be fun folds as well as a couple of pretty ornate cards.  So I’m putting away the jewelry, and getting out the paper products.  Did you know, paper is easier to bend than wire?  Just thought I’d give you a heads up about it.

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