I’m going to finish a bunch of projects today.  I have a list of things I have to get done as time is running out.  I want to make the rest of the small cards to put inside my boxes for Puerto Rico, then put mailing labels on all of them to take to the post office tomorrow…I have a lot of cards that I want to finish to send to people for Christmas, as well as make a lot of door decorations for my girlfriend to put on doors for patients at the assisted living facility that she works for.  I know it sounds like I have too many things packed into one day, but I have been so far behind on my Christmas decorations and gifts, that I have to start somewhere.

It’s now 9PM, and I didn’t make any cards or finish closing the boxes for Puerto Rico..On the flip side, I did make at least eight frames to hang on the doors of assisted living patients, and that makes me really feel good.

I have to admit, things did not go well today.  I wanted to do a simple frame with burlap inside, and our initials glued to the front.  In theory it sounds so simple, but when push came to shove, the initials wouldn’t fit.  So I started sanding them, and sanding, and sanding…finally resorted to an electric sander to finish the job.  I got them to wedge into the frame, but when it came to gluing them down on camera, the last letter went in crooked and of course, stuck like, well, glue.  I’d already spent so much time on it, I tried using my heat gun to melt the hot glue, and that didn’t work, so I gave up…I’m leaving that for another day.

I almost wish you could see my craft room.  It looks like every hoarders nightmare.  I keep all of my Christmas craft supplies in vintage suitcases.  They are all open on the floor and it looks like they exploded.  I really thought that after making so many of these frames, that I wouldn’t have so much “stuff” left inside the suitcases, but I honestly think they have grown. Like when you use glitter and try to put the rest back in the bottle, but there’s just too much left…that’s what it’s like.  I feel like I always do before Christmas…my house is a mess, my craft room is worse, and I have boxes of things in every room and each box needs my attention.  I really need to get the boxes sent to Puerto Rico…that’s my first and biggest priority…Oh, wait, tomorrow is Rich’s birthday, and we’re supposed to get 8 inches of snow, so I might not make it until Tuesday..Yikes.

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