I would have done a great job of making the exact number of videos for the numbers of days until Christmas except for an idea that I just had to get on video.  I couldn’t sleep yesterday, so in the middle of the night, I got out of bed and made a video.  You wouldn’t have to be told which video it is, because I sound like I just woke up for about 80% of the video.  And I’m almost whispering, as I guess I was afraid I would wake Rich, even though the door to my craft room was closed.  It’s one of those nights when my mind just won’t shut down and I need to do something to make it stop.

I really thought I was handling the Aggie situation pretty well, until I woke in a panic, thinking I needed to make a video.  I mean, who really needs to make a video in the middle of the night?  It’s crazy that I was so obsessed with the idea, but i was.  I definitely wanted to make sure I made a video and made it right then.

It’s short and easy. and will help people with last minute gift wrapping, but all the same, it wasn’t crucial for anyone to have to see that video.

It’s a bag topper and refrigerator magnet.  Well, it’s actually one of each.  I just wanted to show people that there was an easy way to make a cute bag closure or a cute refrigerator magnet (not all in one…)

I hope the video goes live before Christmas, and I know Rich is working on the Christmas Cracker video now and has one more card video before he’s done.  It’s been a lot of work for him, and a lot of fun for me. making so many different Christmasy crafty videos this year.

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