I made the Queen Anne’s Lace card the beginning of November, but had so many Christmas videos, that it never got uploaded.  I struggled making that card.  The tiny spot on the front made me absolutely crazy, and I knew I had to do something to correct it, so started with one crystal, and you know where it went from there.  Often when I make a mistake, it’s a great learning experience, and sometimes I’m just not sure what to do, and eventually, after trying numerous ideas, the project goes in the trash.  For most of us, that’s not a really big deal, but when you are doing a video, it’s highly discouraging.  So I try to make is a learning experience for everyone, and hope that you’ll consider it as such, and realize that all projects can’t be perfect.

My white inks have started arriving in the mail, and I’m really getting excited about trying them out, and deciding which ones will work best.  I love it when viewers make specific requests like this, because it shows they trust me enough to help them with their decision process.  I really take their trust seriously, and hope that others will appreciate the process as well.  There are a few videos already on YouTube comparing white inks, so I want to make sure mine is a little bit different and includes things like, does the paper make a difference?  I’ll try and use a few different black and colored card stocks to see if it does.

It’s snowing like crazy today and is really getting cold.  I talked to one blog reader, who said it was -22 degrees where she lives in Montana, and I have to be honest, I’m too much of a whimp for that kind of cold.  I feel so badly for the deer and birds when it gets this cold (around 0), and the deer are eating a lot more than usual.  We’re going through one 200 lb. bag of corn every two or three days.  That’s a lot of corn, and it’s probably the only thing keeping these deer alive as they can freeze to death in these frigid conditions.  I read articles that said that deer move during the day when it is warmer and bed down at night, but my deer are coming to eat all night long, especially after midnight.  My bedroom window looks out on where they eat, and there are usually at least two deer eating at any given time during the late night hours.  It definitely slows in the early morning hours, but at least I know they have a food source.  The article said they will eat tree bark when all food sources are depleted, but that would be extremely difficult, given these cold air conditions.  We’re finding the corn covered in ice and although, the deer eat the corn, they never consume the cobs.

I would bet when you read other blogs on paper crafts that others aren’t as concerned about the state of the wild deer and their empty stomachs, but it’s something that’s always bothered me.  I’m not sure why I feel the need to update you on my deer herd, but it’s something I spend a lot of time observing.  They are such magnificent animals, and watching them is so relaxing.

I’ve got some ideas that I want to experiment with in the craft room, so may be trying something with coloring embossing folders.  I guess we’ll see how the day goes.

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