I started working on the embossing video that I’ve been collecting products for for a long time.  I wanted to show people how to heat emboss, but then I started looking at products and realized it’s not just about embossing, it’s about which products will work best.  So I’m doing a segment on paper prep and using three different tools to wipe the paper to see if one works better than the other.  I also decided that there’s probably a difference when you use other kinds of paper, so I am testing the system on four types of paper.  Some inexpensive, some not, so we know if Neenah makes a difference over Recollections, etc.  I love making these kinds of videos, because I learn so much along the way.

Then comes the tool you use to wipe off the “crumbs” that are left behind…So I’ll be testing different brushes to see which works best for that.  I think that’s where video one might end.

Then the second video will have to do with the ink itself, and I’m going to show five or six different inks for embossing to see if Versamark is the clear winner…Also doing that on different types of paper, again, because maybe it’s not the ink, maybe it’s the paper you are using.  These are things we all need to consider and are ways we all can improve our heat embossing and reduce frustration.

Then comes the different types of embossing powders.  I might talk about them in the first video so people know what’s what, but I’m going to demonstrate clear, white, metallics, fine detail and thick, so people know what products are used for what.  I might also show some techniques, stained glass windows, molten lava that you stamp into, etc.

I spent most of the evening writing notes on the products I’m using and creating grids to demonstrate the different products on.  It’s a lot of work, but definitely worth the effort.  I’m really looking forward to getting started on the videos, but am waiting until I’m clear headed so I can make the best videos possible.  Some days are better for these kinds of videos than others.

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