I finished the video on heat embossing…It’s a really long one, but I think I got across all of the ideas that I had intended.  I think it will be at least a thirty minute video, but what can you do?  When I get on a roll, I just keep talking.

I need to make a video with a card that I’m really proud of, and lately, I haven’t been able to make anything that really screams my name.  Sometimes a technique seems like something I would want to make, but then when I try it, I don’t really love it.  When I say these things, I always wonder if other YouTubers have these kinds of problems, or if it’s just me….I would imagine that once you’ve been making videos for several years, you start to repeat things that worked well in the past.  I try not to duplicate, (if I can avoid it), but really do have some techniques that I enjoy.  I love layered paper techniques like a lot of Stampin’ Up representatives make, and I think I do my best work with those.  I also love different ink techniques, and here’s where I find that I struggle.  I’m not sure why, but ink techniques can be especially stressful, and I really need to work at them before I find ones that I’m good at.

I’m looking forward to making more embossing videos in my series.  Ones showing which papers emboss best with what inks, what anti-static tools work best on which papers, and then the really fun one, different techniques with embossing powders.  I’m looking forward to trying lots of different ideas.  This should give me some new ideas to fill my idea box.

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