I finally uploaded the white ink video that was requested by a viewer, Cardstockcollector.  I really love it when people come up with creative YouTube names for themselves.  I’ve often thought about what name I should have used for myself…maybe crafty hoarder or crazy crafty hoarder…I’m still thinking about it.

The white ink video had some interesting results and I hope it helps some of you to decide what inks to buy and more importantly, what papers to use them with.  I had no idea that the paper would make such a big difference in the stamping results, but they definitely did.

After working on the video, we went out for a late lunch and a movie with some friends.  Rich and I love going to the movies, and since we normally see action movies, or what I like to call, man movies, it was a nice break to see Pitch Perfect 3.  I really enjoy a movie that doesn’t require me to look away when something is extremely violent, and this was a perfect change for me.

I was really excited, as we came home to a box from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp people.  I had talked to them about an idea I had for stamps and they created a set for me and even allowed me to name them.  I can’t wait for them to go live on the 23rd, as I’ll be able to talk more about them and will definitely have a video go live using them on that day.  You’ll probably laugh when you see my creativity, but I’ll wait for you to see them before we talk more about how little talent it took for my idea.   I am really excited about them though, and think that you’ll find all kinds of ways to use them and they might be your go to stamp for a lot of different ideas.  I hope you’ll let me know what you think about them when you see the video.

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