I took forever making the embossed cards…they are nice looking (in my opinion), but I wanted to show that you can get the exact same look with kid’s supplies, ie. Crayola markers, so made an additional card with those.  I liked all three cards, but because I didn’t use watercolor paper, (again, wanted to show you can make this card with basic supplies), they curled, and I really had to make sure I put good adhesive on it to flatten them.  I did try running them through my Vagabond and stopping it when they were in the center, where they were getting a lot of pressure.  Left them like that for a few hours, and when I took them out, they were still curling.  (Drat!)   They were not in the mood to be straightened, so I had to work around that small issue.  In the end, Rich felt one of them looks “waffly,” so I’m a little bit paranoid that you’ll only focus on that and not on the technique.  Oh well, I gave it a good try…

I’m not sure if I mentioned the crazy winter storm we had where it started to rain, and all of our snow thawed, then it froze, and the town was closed for several days because of flooding and ice.  In thirty-five years, we’ve never had a storm quite like that, but oddly enough, it looks like we’re going to have the exact same scenario this week.  We have probably four inches of snow on the ground, and it supposed to start raining on Monday or Tuesday, then by Wednesday or Thursday, the temperature is supposed to plummet, and voila, same ice conditions.  The only difference is that the creek that flooded last week, is solid ice and is level with its banks which makes serious flooding inevitable.  It’s supposed to get into the upper 40’s by tomorrow, so the snow will have thawed by Tuesday.  I’d hate to live near the flood zones, and we have several areas of them…Luckily, we live at the top of a hill that’s almost one-half mile to the top and the city is at the bottom.  I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s a photo and article showing the ice in a local plaza.  Sadly, the restaurant they are showing is directly in front of Joanns, the only craft store in 40 miles.  They were closed for several days while the parking lot was being de-iced, not an easy proposition when the ice is two to three feet high.




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