I wanted to do something creative today, but Rich’s cold got a lot worse, and I was starting to worry, so stayed close to him all day.  Of course that meant taking a nap, watching some action movies and television shows, and basically, just trying to keep the day low-key.

I know he’s feeling terrible when I offer to make something simple like homemade apple sauce, and he turns me down.  I had to ask a second time before he reconsidered, and was glad I made it for him.

I’m a worrier.  I’ve always been that way, and when Rich gets sick, I fret until I see him rebounding.  I know a lot of people can shrug off almost anything, but I’ve always been the opposite.  I can make myself a wreck over the smallest things, and no matter how much Rich reassures me, I’ll still continue to worry until he’s better.  Today he’s started to cough a lot, and even though we have a lot of cough and cold medicines, they aren’t seeming to do anything to stop his cough.  In case you’re thinking “this is just a cold,”  I might have thought that too, but that was before our friend’s 57 year old healthy wife, died on her way to her doctor’s appointment from the cold/flu that’s been going around this year.  I’ve heard of so many people ending up in the hospital with this bug, and I just don’t want Rich to get any sicker.  If I could have a plaque made for “World’s Best Worrier,” that would be great..I definitely think I’m at least in the running for it.

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