I offered to make a card for a friend and she said she’d really like to see me use Distress Oxides, so I used some layered background dies on a card with Distress Oxide inks.  I made two cards and thought they turned out kind of cute. Rich is editing the video as we speak.  Of course as soon as I went online after finishing my cards, I found that Jennifer McGuire had made a video featuring background dies.  When that happens, I always think that people believe I was basically copying what she had done.  Mine looks nothing like the techniques she used, but still, I always feel that way.

I’d like to make another fun fold card, but haven’t seen any lately that really speak to me.  If any of you have a fun fold idea you’d like to see me make, please let me know.  I really enjoy making them and love a challenge.  While I’m asking for advice, here’s something that I’ve been trying to decide what to do.  Since YouTube and a lot of crafters that have YouTube channels don’t like Aliexpress, what should I say when I’m using a stamp or die from there?  I can’t really mention Aliexpress because so many craft companies are targeting channels that use Aliexpress products, and I’m afraid my channel will be taken down.  I’ve put almost two years of my life into this channel, and I don’t want to fight to have it reinstated.  On the other hand, Aliexpress has so many affordable products, I would like to use the ones I own in videos.  Maybe I shouldn’t use them at all, but I know a lot of my subscribers are on fixed/limited incomes, and I like to be able to show them tools that are more affordable for them to use.  If you have an idea, I’d love to hear it.

2 thoughts on “2/20/2018

  1. The only suggestion I would offer is to tell people watching your videos that you will list the dies, stamps etc of “They Who Shall Not Be Named” on your blog and then they can come here and find out without offending anyone.


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