I started to really fret about YouTube last night, so I finished the card I’ve been working on for it seems like forever.  I’ve ripped that card apart and tried at least four-five different techniques (they all looked terrible) and finally found an idea that I liked that worked.  I finished the card and the video, and today Rich has been editing it and we should have a video go live tonight.  I really hope we’re able to get it online and am crossing my fingers that we do.

I have some ideas for future cards, including one that looks like a curtain, as well as some cards using scraps.  I always like finding new and different ways to use scraps, and know all of you do too.  I hope that I’ll feel like making some cards and videos tomorrow and am planning on doing so currently.  I also got a box of goodies from a viewer and want to share those on a video.  I like showing others the nice things that I’ve been given, and hope you like to watch these types of videos, almost like a haul.  Let me know if you’d rather not see them, as I really value your feedback.

Thanks for the kind notes I’ve been getting related to my health.  I can’t ask for better viewers and readers of this blog. You are all so great to me, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness…

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