February really flew by.  I can’t believe that it’s March 1st tomorrow…  Today I got inspired once my video went live, and so many people wrote notes about how they had missed seeing me, and hoped I was feeling better.  I felt well enough to do a haul video today.  I must shop when I don’t feel well, because the mailman has been delivering me all kinds of fun packages, and you know I love packages.  I had also gotten a nice box of goodies from one of my viewers, and wanted to share that on a video as well.  I have the best viewers, so kind and generous.  I’d mentioned on one video that my friend Cora, who made my new sign, has a twelve year old daughter whose very crafty.  The lady that sent the box, said I could share any repeats with this young crafter.  How wonderfully kind.  I now have a box of items from her gift, as well as any stamps, dies, inks, that I own that might be repeats, and her box is filling more and more every day.

I’m hoping I’ll finish another video before I call it a day.  I saw curtain fun fold cards, and decided I needed to make one, so that’s my next plan.  I also saw several people make a small Easter basket, and I think I’m going to give that a try as well.  The baskets I saw were pretty complicated, but I found the same basket, simplified, and I think I’ll give it a whirl.  Probably not tonight, as I’ve been trying to take all of the new stamp sets and put them into cd cases, and organize them first.  I have a tendency to let those kinds of things pile up, and then I have hours worth of work to put them away.  I much prefer doing a few at a time so I don’t have hours of work ahead of me.  Unfortunately, I have a ton of things to put away.  Drat!  I talk a good game about organizing, but don’t really have good follow through.  Maybe that’s a plan for next year, or the year after, haha.

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