I need to make a small album for friends who are in the process of building a “retirement” house for themselves.  I thought it would be a nice housewarming gift for them as they’ve been taking photos from the beginning with an empty lot, to now, when they are almost finished building.  I give them a lot of credit, as I wouldn’t have the patience for building a house…We’ve remodeled some rooms, namely our kitchen, and would never do that again.  I always tell people that rather than remodel their kitchen, they should just buy a house with a kitchen they like, as it’s a lot less hassle.  Our kitchen with a remodeled room next to it, took five months….Yes, I said five months.  I didn’t change any plans or add to the project, it was just a big nightmare from beginning to end.  But now we’re off the topic.

I found a really easy flip book album and think that’s what I’ll be using for my album…easy and fast, and the only time consuming portion is decorating it.

I need to make a couple more fun fold cards.  I made one (the video should go live tomorrow), and I forgot how much I love making them, and how easy and cute they are to make.  I think I’m a better card maker when all I have to do is score and fold, rather than come up with an artistic design.  I’ve got a couple of ideas and if those work out, I’ll be posting a lot of videos in the next few weeks to make up for the lack of videos last week…


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