I have promised a viewer that I will make her a mixed media card featuring butterflies.  I started working on the card tonight, and so far, it’s a fail..Huge Fail!  It might be one of those cards that after you let it dry, it looks a lot better, but it looks highly doubtful at this point.  I wish people like Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire would show their fails, and what, if anything, they do to save them.  I sometimes feel like I’m the only crafter on YouTube who shows my fails.  It doesn’t do a lot for my confidence, let me tell you.  I guess I’ll let you know tomorrow if the card had to go into the trash can, as it’s pretty scary.  If it actually makes it to video, it could be a minor miracle.

I think I should make a facebook contest for my viewers…Show me your worst fail…There’s a chance though, when you run a contest like that, people will make the worst card possible just to win.  But if they go to such great lengths to win, maybe they deserve it..I’m still in the thinking phase, but really think I’ll run with it.  So save your horrible cards, because you might have the winner.

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