I made and finished an Easter basket that I think everyone can make, and it doesn’t really take very long.  I’ve seen this in a smaller size, but I think if you’re going to make one, go big or go home.  I wonder where that saying originated from…Let’s check it out.

I went to a site called Quora and this is what they came up with…three completely different origins.

Robert Charles Lee

The first documented use was in the Disney TV movie Johnny Tsunami (1999), according to most Internet sources I’ve looked at.

It’s actual usage was much earlier than that. I well remember we were using “go big” and “go big or go home” in London in the mid-1980s, and we (certainly I) picked it up from older American exchange students (also Californian surfers) then. So that might be a clue.

It is military expression used by pilots involved in bombing targets. It means the longer you stay on the target the high probability of a direct hit. The go big means to expose your aircraft to ground fire for a longer time period to insure a direct hit. The go home means if you haven’t the intestinal fortitude to go big just tuck your tail and go home.

Kathy Knopoff
Apparently it was a marketing term for Porker Pipes in the 90’s – they made exhaust systems for Harleys in Southern California – “Go big or go home” was on their packaging.
So there you have it…As for me, I’m feeling much better and am hoping to continue to do so.  I finished another video of gifts I received from a friend as well as a huge supply of Glue Dots from the company.  They’ve asked me to help them with a prototype to determine if it is workable for a left handed person and if it will work in the craft world.  I’m not allowed to show that, but did show all of the other super generous gifts that they sent me..

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