Easy Paper Easter Baskets and a Contest Just For You!!

I’ve seen lots of people make this basket, but not as big as this one.  You’ll need to start with a 12 x 12″ piece of scrapbook paper, and score it on the reverse of what you want for the front of your basket, score it at 4″ and 8″, then turn one turn, and score again at 4″ and 8″.  (You’ll need a total of two pieces of matching paper (12″), as you’ll need to create a handle for the basket with the second piece.)  I don’t recommend harder paper that will crack, but more of a mid-weight paper that won’t.
Take your paper out of your score board and use a t-ruler if you have one. (You will only need to do this step if you are using scissors. ) If you are using your paper trimmer, you’ll only need to make a mark at 6″ on both side at the bottom, and draw lines to the scores that meet on either side at 4″ thus creating a triangle. You’ll cut each of your marks with long bladed scissors, and then cut the center triangle out, then turn the paper around, and cut all of those score lines and the triangle. If you have a paper trimmer, you’ll put your paper in to 11″  use the cut tool, cut to the first score line, then take it to the top (remembering to lift it so it doesn’t cut your paper), put it down at the top, and pull the blade toward you until it reaches the first score line. You’ll move your paper to 10″, 9″ and 8″ and make the same cuts, then move it to 4″, 3″ 2″ and 1″ and cut all of them.  If using scissors, simply cut from the bottom mark to the mark at the first score line and stop, then repeat for the first 4″. Then make the 6″ mark and cut the triangle as explained above, and cut the remaining marks at 8-11″.  Turn to other side and make same cuts.
Use your bone folder and fold down all of your cuts and your score lines, so your basket is easy to fold.  To assemble, you will start with the two strips closest to the center “V” and put wet glue on the top of one strip and glue it to the top of the strip closest to the other side of the “V”. You want the strips on the first set to meet so the two tops completely cover each other as shown in the video. Then take the next closest strips and glue those together, (the angle changes with each set of strips, just make the tops overlap at the angle they prefer.  Then the next and the next. The last set of strips should almost be straight across when they are glued. Then put a clothes pin on the top to ensure all of the strips stay glue. Turn the basket around and do the same to the other side. Put the clothespin on it, and set the basket aside. Make two, one inch circles and two 12″ strips of matching paper for your handle. Keep in mind this is a paper basket so it won’t have strength of a wicker basket. Always carry it by holding your hand under the bottom and not by the handle, as it will rip off once the basket is full.
To make your handle, turn your paper so the long cut will show the pattern in the direction you would like it to run, then cut it so you have about a 1″ wide strip.  In my case, I cut one of the squiggle lines, and then cut another strip that had the same squiggle. I glued them together with tape runner and wet glue, so that when I lined them up, the wet glue allows you some wiggle room to ensure it can be lined up exactly. If you have any excess on one side, simply trim with scissors. I used Stampin’ Up ink that matched my paper and ran the sides of the handle on the pad so the sides weren’t white.  You could use a marker or acrylic paint if you don’t have ink.
It’s time to glue the triangle to the basket. Put wet glue on both sides of the back of the triangle and use about an inch of the top of the triangle and cover it with glue. It should be even with the top of your strips, but if it’s too tall, just snip off the excess.  Press inside the basket for a minute to make sure the sides adhere to the strips, if you see gaps, put more glue inside. Punch two 1″ circles, fold in half, then glue on the inside of each circle, and put one over the top of each triangle, then put a clothespin on it to hold it. To apply the handle, rub it on something that will help it be rounded.  Then put tear tape or wet glue, or both on the outside bottom 1″ of both ends of the handle.  Center one side of the handle behind the half circle on the inside of the basket, then apply clothespin to hold it.  Do the same to the other end of the handle on the opposite side of the basket, again remembering to apply it to the inside of the basket.  Then decorate the basket to make you happy.

The winner will be chosen randomly, and will receive this basket full of craft goodies. Only people with USA addresses are eligible to enter due to the weight of the basket, sorry.

ENTRIES must be submitted by midnight of March 26th, and the winner will be announced on the 27th.

Submit your favorite paper craft project THAT YOU MADE, by facebook: http://www.facebook.com/craftingforallmosteveryone/
and simply post your photo there with your name, and I’ll contact the winner back through facebook.
I prefer you use facebook, but if you don’t have a facebook page, you can email me your photo at saundalparker@yahoo.com and Rich will link your photo to the facebook page.

I always encourage interaction on projects on facebook.  You’ve always been very kind to each other on my facebook,  any negative comments will not be accepted.

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